You may not know that the best way to optimize your website conversion rate is to adjusting bounce rate of your website. When majority of people are visiting your website without making you achieve your goal then this cannot get you better conversion rating. but whenever you website page is being loaded and then leaved from landing page the determining of the conversion rate becomes quite a difficult task. This is called as the bounced visits and simultaneously helps you count the conversions. You have no idea about how important are the bounced visits.

A bounced visit makes you conclude that the landing page is no relevant to the users but if your landing page is relevant to your consumers and still you are getting high bounce rate then its implies the impact of it on its users. They are getting what exactly they are in quest for at the very first page. This can only be possible with the sites that are rich with exclusive contents like blogs and news. The Google analytics is by default able to make you know the report time a visitor spent onto your website. You need to know well the bouncing rates are good or bad to your business by having experimentation and testing as well.

Before you go further to decide that bounce rate is good or bad have a clean perception about what is bounce rate and which is to be considered under bounce rate. The prime aim of any website is to get enhanced conversion rates and transactions even but not to optimize the bounce rates. For this you have to be acquainted about the minimum time required to make your visitor engaged with your website. This visit can only be profitable if your web page is able to make them convert as leads. For profitable engagement you have to apply many implements like visits with dealings. You may get to know about the profitable engagement through this.

Google analytics makes you acquaint with the time a visitor is engaged with your website. This consequently helps you analyze the bounce rates. But this simply does not mean that your website is not satisfying your customers. For example: If a customer stays to a maximum of 3 minutes that means that he/she may be on the second visit or through other means, marketing channel most likely to be convert. This gets you profitable image along with providing you 100% bounce rate too.

But the need to adjust the bounce rates is all necessary for getting proper data of the customers that your website is achieving. If your web page is profitably engaging the visitors then a true bounce rate is required to be calculated with the Google analytics report. Here is present the line of code that you need to add to your Google analytics tracking code at each of the page of your website.

setTimeout(“_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’,’Profitable Engagement’,’time on page more than 3 minutes’])”,180000);

This works on the exact visit of the customers defining the time spent on that page. If you get to know that the visit is profitable to the client that you need not be considered it in a bounced rate. Once you have adjusted your bounce rate metric through the Google Analytics Tracking Code you will see that your bounce rate goes down within few days. If you do not follow this tag management system then the process could be very time consuming.


You need to know first that your bounce rate is good or bad. Just spending time by visitor can anyway help you if he is satisfied with content present on the very first page. This may increase your conversion rate through various other channels. Google analytics is the self-defined mode to have a perfect analysis.One important prospect isthat people visit different sections for different purpose. So the time consuming may be different. Do your calculations as per the conditions.

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