Being the most popular and widely used blogging platform WordPress is the renowned content management system too. This is so due to its easy to install and user friendly features. So it’s better for you to create content rather than constructing and sustaining your website. You can use the WordPress for personal blogging as a digital magazine. But just utilizing this efficient tool is not enough. But it is always a concern of maintaining and speeding up WordPress websites. So below we came up with a few tips and tricks that might help you in maintaining and speeding up your WordPress websites.

First of all you need to maintain your WordPress to be the top error free in shape that can be possible with automated method. Secondly speedup the WordPress to make loading faster and holding traffic spikes. And finally monitoring of your wordPress so as to quickly fix any problem if ever arises.

Luckily there are the essential tips for you that make your work more concentrated to create great content. Without much ado get to know about the essential tips here:

Maintaining WordPress Blog

Maintaining wordpress blog

  • A regular backup the database assists you in case your WordPress needs to re-install. You can make it automated by using WP- DB Manager Plugin.
  • This handy plugin can also be used to optimize your database.
  • The WordPress back up plugin can be set up for regular back up for WordPress files. This is necessary for wordpress files and email attachments.
  • You need to reduce spam comments. An efficient plugin Akismet works by running and filtering out the spam comment without any delay. This consequently saves your time speeding up commend moderation, replying or reading as well.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary 404’s. This makes the searcher more upset if the 404 error message appears. For this use 404 Notifier plugin. After that, fixing requirement can be managed by Redirection plugin.
  • Switching to the permalinks is better in case you don’t have any. This simply makes the reader more obvious about what is reading and convenient to share as well. it helps SEO’s too.
  • The all in one basic SEO pack plugin is useful to make this completely automated. It requires your title, keyword and description at the screen making it simpler for the people who are in search of you.

Speed Up WordPress Blog

speed up your wordpress website

  • By using WP super cache plugin enabling at the Gzip option you can speed up your WordPress blog as it loads only the appropriate cached content to visitors.
  • Reduce the CSS files into one big as lesser the files faster is the loading process. Paste it like a custom file into your theme.
  • Reducing javascript files is also helpful. Combining multiple files into one new single file is tool tip.
  • Maximize the number of java-script codes in the footer as much as possible.
  • Less the number of plugins to be used as it makes your WordPress stable. Stick to only the essential ones rather than sidebar widgets.
  • Hosting and uploading files by using Amazon S3 storage device makes the images load faster. Use it for streamline image uploading and insert of pages and posts.

Monitor WordPress Blog

Monitoring your wordpress blog

  • No memory issues if you install the WP Health plugin. This makes you see the basic hosting server info along with the usage of WordPress PHP memory.
  • Try hosting monitor plugin to know if something wrong with your WordPress or hosting problem.
  • For any error notification install the error reporting plugin that gets you notification and even can fix right away.This notification gets you by email.

By using all these tweaks and plugins you can make the performance of your website upgraded and with that you don’t have to spend much time whenever heavy traffic spike.

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